Friday, July 24, 2009

Still Around

For a minute.

So, for that minute, let me tell you what I'm thankful for, okay?

I'm thankful for my friends here online, who have always been so kind and supportive, no matter how crabby and bitchy I've gotten, and no matter how many times I've been a broke-ass chump and lost the Internet. Thank you, all of you who kept coming back. You're awesome.

I'm thankful for my brother and his indomitable will, because, when faced with some bad news about his dreams, he stood up, rolled up his sleeves, and started finding alternative ways to get there from here. The pride I feel in this guy is too big to be contained. Ever.

I'm thankful for the resiliency of my children, who, when told that some of our vacation plans had to be canceled, said, "That's okay, mom, we can have fun here in town," and promptly revived my own optimism and recognition that life is only as hard as you think it is.

I'm thankful that my fridge is stocked and my cabinets have dry goods in them, and that I can cook. Because if I were a "from the box" mom, my poor family would be some unhappy campers over the next month or two while we had to go back to basic fare.

I'm thankful that the Internet isn't how I make my living. If it were, the loss of the cable would be a disaster. This way, it's merely a small hiccup in the progress of my life from one day to the next. And I can live with that.

And lastly, tempting fate though it may be, I'm happy to have my health and my family. I'm happy to still have one of my parents in my life - and a wonderful parent, at that. Looking around at the trials and tribulations some of my friends are having with their aging parents, I have to be extremely grateful that my dad is so great. So great.

Being thankful, I have to say, feels a hell of a lot better than being sorry for myself. So there it is.

Thanks, Universe, for not flattening me like a bug. I know you could if you wanted. So thanks for not doing it.


Sayre said...

You have MUCH to be thankful for - especially for children who look at the bright side and not take you to task for "letting them down".

I'm glad you're still here, but even if you weren't, I'd check back from time to time to see if you resurfaced.

See you on the internets!

Fernan said...

An Orgamic lady’s already making with thanksgiving’s prayers. She worries me pushing the season? Have I missed that much summer? Have I missed turning the months over on my calendar. Gosh? What’ll I put on my Christmas list besides wanting world peace and all our country's boys and girls back home?

Lula said...

You rock. I'm hoping I can write a post like this soon...

Snorky said...

Damn! FINALLY got my computator to link up to your blog.
Know you're not on-line, but when you DO check in, want you to know that I got there.
And we really need to stick up some convenience stores so you can keep your I'net access.
(I only wrote that because this comment moderation stuff translates felonious content into, like, children's book-like metaphors, huh? Ain't technology wunnaful?)

Snorky said...

PS/I'm pretty sure Auspex was a powerful hallucinogen they fed us back in the Army to get us to vote for Nixon. It didn't work on me, though; I voted for a nearby floor lamp instead.
(I liked his position on the Economy, but then, I've always been kind of a Socialist with a dimmer switch)

Mizz MC said...

Snorky, re: convenience store editage: Not so much. ;D