Monday, July 13, 2009

Plus And Minus

Plus: We went to the Oregon Country Fair this weekend and had a great time. Lots of beautiful people, neat costumes, and great music.

Minus: We couldn't find a motel room within a hundred miles of Veneta and so we slept in our car and then I, even I, the most body-conscious woman on Earth, took a communal shower at the Fair. Coed. Yes, that's what I said. That was... tough for me, but I did it for the sake of clean hair. Baby, I'd do a lot for clean hair.

Plus: My bro has jumped through all the hoops required to start going to PSU for his art courses! All he's waiting for is the confirmation letter from the college.

Minus: My phone is out so I can't call and check the status of that. Hopefully it comes soon!

Plus: My house is clean due to having minions! Brell and the Little Missy went through this place like a tornado, and I flatly refused to clean up their messes. They recognized the necessity of cleaning up after themselves, then went one better and just cleaned the whole place! W00T! Yay, minions!

Minus: I can't think of anything else to write about today, so a boring update is all you get. Next time, perhaps?

How was your weekend?


guy what be goin to the PSU said...

Yes, confirmation received.

Viking is me.

Bite me, persons who questioned my motivation.

Yes, orientation confirmed. Going in about a week, wherein I'll also be getting my advisin' on / signing up for classes.

Finances = a go as well, or at least they've received my request to switch over and will be sending me a response soon.

Sayre said...

What do you mean "boring update"?

Fair. Communal Co-ed showers. Art school. Minions...

What's not to like???

Congratulations, Viking - on your acceptance, orientation and financial package!

Donna said...

This is so funny, since I have NO problem with those community showers.

Girl, we need to talk. I think I'll send you my cell # so you can call me.

loopymamain06 said...

getting out of the house with the family is a good thing, alas I do not have enough hair to worry about communal showers, 2 large cups of water, a dab of soap and the wind...that's all folks.
da loop

Mizz MC said...

Donna - do! Only my phone is out, so... you know. It'll be few days before I can call. :)

Nancy P said...

Oh my! I admire you, I could never no way no how do a communal shower. :)
Nancy P