Friday, July 3, 2009

Holiday Weekend!

Which is incredible and awesome, because 1) my guy gets Friday off so we're all staying up way too late (note the timestamp on this post), and 2) it's a gorgeous excuse to eat lots of stuff that's no good for anyone. And, since I went from being thirty pounds overweight to roughly ten pounds underweight (this allergies/cold/whateverthehell thing has really been kicking my ass, appetite-wise), eating lots of anything has an undeniable attraction. Unless it was, say, brussels sprouts. Them I could live without.

Other than that, I am about to go on a template quest for this blog; plain white isn't my favorite look. However, I strongly believe that that gray thing I had before was kind of boring. Maybe I'll try on a few designs before I settle. (No worries, Fern; I'll make sure to keep it eye-friendly, no matter what.)

Suggestions? Do you want to cast a vote? Like, say, I change the template once a day for a few days and then ask for input? After all, I usually only see the blog from the "Create Posts" page, so it's really kind of more for you than anything.

Anyway. I ramble. Good night, and happy Fourth of July weekend!

1 comment:

Fernan said...

Gosh I got a lot to say. And can't think of the first word to start off with.
Here I go again, a word short, and a page late. Hope you all enjoyed your day off.