Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What A World, What A World...

So basically, it comes down to this. I do NOT have a cold anymore. The thing would be ridiculous. So what is this crap that is hanging on for dear life, clinging to my face like an octopus with an anxiety disorder? What is it that's causing my lungs and throat to tickle, prickle and itch?

Dudes, it's allergies. I held out for as long as I could; I pretended there were no such things; I called it a "summer cold," a "bug," a "virus;" but friends, I have actual real allergies. No, seriously. I KNOW.

Do you know how I know this? My friend D offered me a Benadryl yesterday, and once I got used to thinking in slow motion and walking into things, I realized that my nose was clear. I was not coughing. And this meant only one thing. If allergy medicine worked like magic on my symptoms...

Sigh. I guess I'm a goddamn delicate flower.

In other news, the car? Possessed. Possessed by the devil. No, wait, it IS the devil. The devil made out of car. And it is mine. Golly, what a lucky gal I am.

The alarm problem, we thought, was solved, after a nonstop blaring session at a local mall and a frazzled call to the car dealership. They told us how to reset it, and we did. And there was peace in the valley. Right up untilllll.... now. When I got home from dropping my guy
off at work, I locked the car. And accidentally set the alarm. And then, in the process of trying to UNset the alarm, I set it off. And it just kept on going off. And a call to the husband, who was in the barrel last time this happened, informed me as to how to make it reset.

Except it didn't work. Didn't work. DIDN'T WORK. Any of the EIGHT times I tried.

So now the car's down there with a battery terminal off. I wish a mofo WOULD try to steal it right now. I'd laugh and laugh and laugh. And also point while I laughed.

So that's my week so far. How are you?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Today Is The Second Day...

...of the rest of my blog life.

(Not to be, you know, melodramatic or anything.)

I am still completely pissed off and - yes, offended that the one person in all the world whose input I desired the least (well, excepting maybe my MIL) thought it was acceptable behavior to come and comment on my blog. It offends my sense of common intelligence. But then, this particular individual isn't the poster child for exceptional genius. So. There you go.

Moving on!

I am possessed with the most hateful death-bug of all time; my nose is now parched and chapped and sore from the blowing and blowing and (crying from the pain of) blowing that it's endured.

I also have a faintly worrying cough, although it's much less upsetting tonight than it was yesterday. Yesterday I was all whistly, which, if you've ever had the pewmonia, you just went, "uh-oh." Yeah, uh-oh. So I slathered Mentholatum (Medical pundits forsooth! It has always, always worked for me) on the soles of my feet, chest and back, drank lots of hot beverages, and sat around sweating while the whistling subsided and the movement started happening in my lungs. Today has been a gross-out-fest, but I'd rather be grossed out than hospitalized.

Aren't you glad I started a new blog? Now you get to hear about my cold symptoms! Woohoo!

In other news, Kate is working on something frabjous and awesometastic for - oops, can't use the old aliases anymore, so... hmmm. How about Brell? Brell will be the older kid, and Little Missy will be the younger? Okay. Kate is working on something truly cool for Brell because I won a contest. I did! I KNOW! I never win anything, and yet here I am, all winning a contest! Schweeeet!

So now, however, I have to come up with something groovy for the Little Missy. Something groovy that a knitting n00b like me can make. Uh-oh again. Oh, dear. This should be - entertaining. For other people to watch, that is. Not for me to try. Because that, that will not be entertaining for me. Unless I - I'm rambling. I'm going to stop rambling. That would be best, I think.

That's it for the moment; I shouldn't even be awake right now. Going to bed. Talk to you later!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Why The Title "Auspex"?

Because of this poem, by Robert Frost:


Once in a California Sierra
I was swooped down upon when I was small,
And measured, but not taken after all,
By a great eagle bird in all its terror.

Such auspices are very hard to read.
My parents when I ran to them averred
I was rejected by the royal bird
As one who would not make a Ganymede.

Not find a barkeep unto Jove in me?
I have remained resentful to this day
When any but myself presumed to say
That there was anything I couldn't be.

Nobody, through word or deed, will be allowed to keep me from doing or being that which I love. So I've moved house and am back in business, with the caveat, of course, that my blogging will be limited unless I have something worthwhile to say.

Talk to you soon!