Saturday, September 3, 2011

So Basically That Sucks

Another hit from the Bad News Fairy:

Apparently, my aunt has to go in for a procedure to determine whether or not she has fucking cancer.



I hate cancer. I am sick unto the very death of its bullshit and I am sick to the very heart of me that yet another person in my life has to go through the gut-wrenching terror of being told they may have it.

I am disgusted with the knowledge that we can make phones that will do everything but make our coffee and paint our toenails for us, we have cars that will fucking park themselves, we have every bullshit stupid lazy innovation there ever was to keep us fat fucks parked on our sofas like cattle, mindlessly cudding while we watch New Jersey Housewives Think They Can Dance Like America's Next Top Supermodel, but we don't know how to stop fucking CANCER.

I'm just a little fed up with the concept that we need just one more inane congressional time-wasting session of any description more than we need to tax the ever-loving shit out of the superrich and send even a portion of that money toward research that would prevent the deaths of countless thousands of people every year. That some people deserve more medical attention than others. That make-your-dick-bigger pills are more important than AIDS or cancer research.

Not that I'm surprised. I have spent the last year among the frail and elderly population of my town more often than not; I see how little society as a whole cares what happens to them. And these are the individuals who can make it out of their homes to come and be social at our little dive cafe. What of the people who are too old, too frail, too broken, or too broke to leave their homes at all? What of the people whose false teeth are broken and can't afford to replace them, so stay home from shame? What of the people who have cancer, fucking cancer, and live a life of quiet terror as they wait to die because we haven't figured this shit out yet?

What's the goddamn holdup here? Top of the food chain, most advanced society in history, but we can't fix a cellular aberration yet?

The fuck?

I am raging, I know; I don't make sense, I know. I am throwing straw men out left and right, I know. But jesus, JESUS, why haven't they fixed this yet? Why is cancer still a tolling doom-bell?


LadyLazarus said...

I am so sorry and I agree with you completely :( *hugs*

George said...

I'm very sorry to hear this Mel. Please tell your aunt I'm sending good vibes and well wishes from the Lone Star State.

Is this your mother's sister?

Mizz MC said...

George, it's my maternal uncle's wife.

She's one of my very favorite humans. She gave me the proof a long time ago that you don't have to be the fanciest person in the world to be one of the best people in the world.

I am still really just furious.

Purple Monkey Dishwasher said...

First off, I hope your aunt beats it...assuming she wants to and isn't worn out by life.
Second off, Perspective: cancer has been with humanity since before we WERE human, and it is only in the last century that ANY progress has been made toward beating it. Yes, more funds and research would help...just like they'd help many of the world's problems. But C has also proven to be a many-headed Hydra of an opponent...find a way to cut one off and the others still live on.
Third off: Furiosity killed the cat. You can't help her--or anyone else--by having an aneurysm. Program yourself to dream of a cure for her cancer; it may well be that each one is that specific...and it could be as simple as a change in life.
End of screed. Sorry it took this to get you back to writing.