Sunday, January 24, 2010

And Believe Me, I Am Still Alive

Hey, wow.

It's been a while!

Things are fine, I'm fine, all is well, but you can imagine that I could use the roller coaster analogy to describe the goings-on since I last posted. Car breakdowns, car repairings, friend still not my friend, huge family dispute, blah de blah de blah.

I'd rather know how you're doing.

How ya doin'?


Donna said...

Unlike SOME people, I keep everybody informed at least daily. Because I have diarrhea of the fingers. I can't shut up!

Mizz MC said...

HA! I used to have it, but these days it's all I can do to put hands to keys at all. I need a job before I melt into a blobby puddle of unmotivated sludge. :)

Sayre said...

Ah, you know how to find out how I'm doing... but for now, I will give you an answer - I'm doing fine. My health is improving, my boy is growing, I still have a job. I'm still married to the same marvelous guy and have finally figured out how to actually sleep at night (I have my own room now!!! and hubby and I "visit"). The sleeping part seems to have done wonders for me. I hadn't even realized I was sleep deprived for the first 15 years of our relationship.

Kismet said...

I agree with Donna, what kind of update was that?!!?! :)

I am well and boring. I'd rather read your goings on.


Liv said...

well, hello! i am just full of piss, vinegar and waddling my way through the third trimester with my third child.

how's tricks?