Monday, September 28, 2009

And Yet Somehow Life Goes On

I'm sorry for the melodrama (GETTIT? GETTIT? *MEL*odrama? BAW HAW HAW!) of the last few posts. Losing a long-term friendship that was more in your own head than in reality, and then finding out that it was more in your own head than in reality, can tend to unhinge you.

Okay, not you, me, but you knew what I meant.

In other news, since I reallyreallyreally don't want to go into that at all, I finally had to break down and go to the hospital for the tooth situation. Those of you who've been following the bouncing ball for any amount of time will know the story - I have very bad teeth, and one very bad tooth in particular.
I've been self-medicating with alternating doses of Tylenol and Motrin for over a year just so I can function.

(Hey, guess what the ER doc said about that? He said I had been systematically overdosing myself for ages, which could have killed my liver, and that I was very very very lucky the tests came back fine. READ THOSE LABELS, FOLKS, AND DON'T GET COCKY.)

(Oh, god, how they tested me. Also, a CT scan. Good thing I'm poor enough to qualify for financial aid, because otherwise I'd be hyperventilating right now.)


My tooth got so bad that it created a swelling along my entire jaw that stood out a good two, three inches from my face. Yeah, sexy, right? So I caved and went to the ER on Friday, since I didn't want poison in my brain or an eaten-away jawbone or a heart attack because of poisons in my blood stream (all of which oh, so many people delighted in telling me about over the last year, thanks guys for the paranoia).

After a blood test, a pee test, and a scan, it appears that I am a lucky, lucky sunuvabitch and that I may yet escape death because of my teeth. Also, that I'm way healthier than I deserve to be. Also, I'm not allowed to take Tylenol for at least 6 months, and Motrin only in a pinch. Also, Oxycodone will indeed make you barf if you take it on an empty stomach with Penicillin.

Long story longer, I got a list of places that will take me on a sliding scale (FINALLY! Some light at the end of the tunnel. I guess all I had to do was potentially bankrupt my ass to find out where to go), and so what I'm doing tomorrow is calling all these places to see who will see me and help me get back to a decent level of dental health.

Hasten that fine day.

In the meantime, thanks for being there and listening to me. You guys are the truest friends I have. Except my brother, who is just the best, most loyal and true friend I've ever had. It only took a minor emotional apocalypse to figure that one out.


Donna said...

My twenty-four-year-old grandson is in the same shape with his teeth that you are, and it makes me sick to see him buying a $400 dollar cell phone when his teeth are so bad. Cliff's sister's son actually had to spend about a week in the hospital because of his teeth.

Good grief, girl! I knew about the Tylenol and will NOT take it for pain. I'll take aspirin or something... no Tylenol.

Kim said...

I'm glad you are doing ok Mel ... I did the same thing with my teeth and my health for the last few years. Admitting that I needed help or admitting that I was poor enough to need help didn't come easy to me. I'm glad you went to the ER before you ended up in the hospital like I did ( not for my tooth but a UTI I ignored cuz I couldnt afford a doctor visit )
I am sending you lots of good energy n stuff *hugs*

Terrin Folsom said...

I don't really deserve that shout out, but anyways.

I'm glad you are feeling at least a bit better about the Interweb and stuff in general.

As far as the negatives; Hey, Karma has gotta get around to repaying us eventually...


Nancy P said...

Thank God and the universe that you are ok. I know all about taking meds for tooth pain. :(
I'm so sorry about your lost friendship. I have no words for that. Just a hug (((Mel)))
I miss you on twitter!
(this is my 2nd try to comment as it doesn't want to take.)lol story of my life.
Nancy P

Kismet said...

Hey, I have insurance and still have horrid teeth! It's all about the fear factor for me.

I am glad you are back. I"ve missed you and feel so bad about the pain you;ve been going through.