Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Today Is The Second Day...

...of the rest of my blog life.

(Not to be, you know, melodramatic or anything.)

I am still completely pissed off and - yes, offended that the one person in all the world whose input I desired the least (well, excepting maybe my MIL) thought it was acceptable behavior to come and comment on my blog. It offends my sense of common intelligence. But then, this particular individual isn't the poster child for exceptional genius. So. There you go.

Moving on!

I am possessed with the most hateful death-bug of all time; my nose is now parched and chapped and sore from the blowing and blowing and (crying from the pain of) blowing that it's endured.

I also have a faintly worrying cough, although it's much less upsetting tonight than it was yesterday. Yesterday I was all whistly, which, if you've ever had the pewmonia, you just went, "uh-oh." Yeah, uh-oh. So I slathered Mentholatum (Medical pundits forsooth! It has always, always worked for me) on the soles of my feet, chest and back, drank lots of hot beverages, and sat around sweating while the whistling subsided and the movement started happening in my lungs. Today has been a gross-out-fest, but I'd rather be grossed out than hospitalized.

Aren't you glad I started a new blog? Now you get to hear about my cold symptoms! Woohoo!

In other news, Kate is working on something frabjous and awesometastic for - oops, can't use the old aliases anymore, so... hmmm. How about Brell? Brell will be the older kid, and Little Missy will be the younger? Okay. Kate is working on something truly cool for Brell because I won a contest. I did! I KNOW! I never win anything, and yet here I am, all winning a contest! Schweeeet!

So now, however, I have to come up with something groovy for the Little Missy. Something groovy that a knitting n00b like me can make. Uh-oh again. Oh, dear. This should be - entertaining. For other people to watch, that is. Not for me to try. Because that, that will not be entertaining for me. Unless I - I'm rambling. I'm going to stop rambling. That would be best, I think.

That's it for the moment; I shouldn't even be awake right now. Going to bed. Talk to you later!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I hope you feel better soon, I had a dry cough for 5 weeks. It sucked.
Nancy P

I have to post an anonymous because I don't have a ulr or because I am computer stupid

Lula said...

yeah...i get you. hangin' out...listening to the cough, handing you a kleenex.

Mizz MC said...

Nancy! If you pick "Name/URL" it lets you just put your name in. You don't need to post a URL. :)

Lula - thanks. Can it be the kind with lotion, though? :D

Patience said...

Hey! Glad I found you! (or rather you showed me the way!)

Hope you get over your crud soon and are feeling better!


Anonymous said...

welcome back

Guy said...

Welcome back to blogland.

sHan said...

y r u dying to hear fom me? you dont even like me :( LOL



Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mizz MC said...

Pssst... Joe, call me something else. I don't want to be searchable. ;)

Anonymous said...

lessee, i can call you expaus, or expause, or expaws, or i could call you paxsue or axspue or saxspew, or i could call you sexpus but i won't call you **l. :) hang in there kiddo
da *oop of L**pdom

Sayre said...

You need to delete Joe's comment so that you will remain unsearchable (sorry , Joe).

So good to see you again! And I hope you're truly feeling better. I had a very rough go here in the last couple of months and discovered the neti pot as relief for nasal issues. I don't think it should be an every day thing (mucous does have a point, after all), but when your nose is really full or overly dry, it can be a lifesaver. It's not as awful as it seems and my boy actually LIKES doing it!

Welcome back to the world of blogging!

Fernan said...

I'm feeling better all ready. I've tooken to ass burns and waiting for your next assumptions....