Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stuff That's Cracking Me Up Right Now...

1. Well, right off the bat, the fact that I accidentally hit 'Enter' after typing just two words, part of the title of this post: "Stuff That." Stuff what? Stuff it where? I AM AGOG. Where were you going with that, subconscious?

2. I made the colossal error of reading a blog that I usually forgo, and compounded my error by reading the comment section. MISTAKE. I read a commenter who used a tongue-in-cheek approach to her remarks; immediately, she was brought up short by The Queen Of Internet Etiquette and High Policeman Of What You're Allowed To Say In Comment Sections. I am both irritated and amused by this, because six months or a year ago I might have put on my High Dudgeon Hat and gotten involved. Now? I don't care. If you want to be a smarmy schmuck and police other people's blog comments, go right ahead. Just don't do it here, because my comments are moderated and if it shows up that means I KNOW it's there. KTHX.

3. YouTube. I can't tell you how overjoyed I was to stumble into the little corner of the Utubs I found tonight (and I'm not saying what it is, for fear it may offend); all I can add to that is that the comments were even purer comedy gold than any YouTube comments I've ever, ever seen before.

4. The fact that, when I went to go wake my guy up and roust him off the couch and into bed, the geeky boy said, "No, I've only got two hit points. Let me wait a while first." Dawwwwww... so CUTE.

Hokay, den.

And that is what is cracking me up right now the end.

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Sayre said...

Love YouTube! I wonder what we did before that????

My son was asking about St. Elmo's Fire, so I printed him out a Wiki sheet, but I'm also going to play him the song on YouTube - because I CAN!!!!